as you know, we made it to seattle. here's a recap of what a 1,496-mile journey in the car looks like, courtesy of my 1,496 photos.

so, wyoming is like a hot second outside of denver. and the beginning of wyoming is booooring. we had originally planned to leave on sunday, but we heard about incoming storms and decided to move our trip up a day. after cleaning up the apartment, we hit the road to casper, wyoming. i can't remember who recommended casper - so don't be offended if it was you - but it was moderately awful. the restaurant we went to, which shall not be named, served me brown, wilted iceberg lettuce touted as a salad, and then i was so scared at the hotel that i woke up every hour to make sure our car hadn't been broken into. #dramatweets

needless to say i woke b up super early to get on the road. it was worth it to see the still of the morning.

the driver.

the passenger.

have you ever seen the movie "the mist"? me neither, but i know the plot involves this crazy killer mist. i was 100 percent sure we were driving into a murderous fog and were about to never be heard from again.

and then we were in said deadly smog/fog for an hour and we indeed did not see the light of day or have cell service the entire time. is that not the weirdest?

dundundunnn: big sky! wyoming turned out to be much more beautiful than i gave it credit for.

can you guess what this is? our first sign we were nearing yellowstone!

scenes from that trip on the blog tomorrow. 

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