remember when i did flashback friday posts? i don't really intend to bring it back, but one of our past trips has been on my mind recently: new orleans. i think it's a combo of the snowy weather, plus realizing that our next big trip won't be for a full year. {although it WILL be to australia, so don't feel too sorry for me.}

new orleans is only an eight-hour drive from nashville, so b and i decided to head to the big easy. keep in mind, we had only known each other for six months and dating for a hot second. my parents were like "who?!" and made me give them his phone number. you know, so just in case he was a kidnapper, they could call him?

we did and saw everything everyone recommends while there. from drinking the local specialties, to eating a muffaletta {b ordered it plain, haha}, trying oysters, dying over delish beignets and tasting absinthe.

we also walked most of the city {on accident, side eye b} and saw the devastation from katrina still fresh in many areas of the city. we also did not go into the cemetery, even though that's a popular thing to do. it just felt too disrespectful to me - and i'm sure i was totally afraid.

look at that little baby! this was almost four years ago and i can't believe how young we look. it also rained the entire time we were there - and it didn't even phase us. we stayed outside of the city and rode a trolley in each day.

self-photography, even back then! this was before our big date night at gw fins. i still follow that restaurant on twitter and consider it one of the best meals i've ever had.

oh, beautiful nola. i hope i'm back someday soon.

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  1. Girl, remember when I blogged at all?? That trip looked fun. I remember for my second date with Daniel, he took me to Erie. My friends were like "Omg...what if he's a killer? Give me his number and text me updates." Lol. So I totally feel you on that. But that was a second date. A little insane of me. Totally worth it though!