needless to say, people were pretty stunned by our news. here are some of my favorite comments, and my answers.

are you going with him?! 
yes. we just got engaged.

do you know anyone in seattle? 
we do! baker's wonderful cousins shelly {mom of my future-seattle-bff betty} and laura {owner of little water cantina, home of the best margarita i've ever had} live there.

can you guys just live apart for a while?
no. i don't plan to start our marriage 1,000 miles apart. also, i'm afraid of the dark, killers in the closet and everythingelse, so no.

do you like the rain? 
no. have you seen my naturally curly hair? you will after we move. prepare yourself.

do you like seafood? 
this is a major yes and a huge plus to moving to the pacific northwest.

are you still getting married?!

are you going to have to get a job? 
yes. he wasn't promoted to ceo. plus, i need to work for my mental well-being and general independent woman-ness.

what did your parents say? 
they were very supportive. my mom guessed it when i called and told her we had news. we were able to facetime b's parents and that was priceless. they are very proud of him.

aren't you a feminist?! moving for a man?
this one is totally only said out loud by me, but hinted at by many. i'm pretty sure sacrifices are part of being someone's WIFE, i think i can still be pro-woman.

at least it's not tulsa!
amen to that!

photo: seattle poster by anderson design group.


  1. Yes. I love these. I had the same responses when moving from Ohio to Virginia.

  2. HI-larious. Excellent post! It should be noted for posterity that *I* too guessed immediately right. Your mom and I are smart girls!

    And BTW-he might not be CEO...YET. :)