we registered! we actually did this a few months ago, and i forgot to post about it. we decided to go with two places: a big department store, for the family and friends who would like to give a tangible gift, and a honeymoon registry!

registering at the store was SO fun. they give you special attention, in every department people would say "congratulations!" and it's pretty much shopping without paying for anything.

since we will have lived together for two full years by the time we get married, there is really not a lot we need. i used to have a problem love affair with tj maxx, and b has enough kitchen goods to make a southern woman proud. so, we also created a honeymoon registry. based on recommendations, i went with buy our honeymoon.com. i've had the opportunity to put money toward a friend's honeymoon before, and i loved being a part of their amazing experience! we are hoping to go prettyyyy far for ours, so hopefully our friends and fam will like it, too.

no matter what, we just want our guests to be able to make it for our wedding. as we said on our wedding website and our registry site, a trip to nashville to see us get married is plenty of a present for us. 

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