as you know, last week was b's birthday. we don't do gifts for each other anymore {sad}, but i did buy him some beers at the beer garden's oktoberfest.

there's the view from the road up guanella pass to our engagement shots. those will be on the blog wednesday!

signing up for a joint bank account! we won't really be sharing money until after we get married, but we needed it for our honeymoon registry. sigh, i'll have to write a post on how complicated that process has been.

celebratory drinks with the girls after watching the ou game! did you hear we are 6-0 for the first time since the 60s? AND we were the very first football team to qualify for a bowl game. goooo bobcats!

scene atop the lowry reservoir during the most recent 5k we did. we may or may not have been passed by an old lady speedwalking. #altitudeprobs

this cornmeal is the one b purchased when he moved to nashville! that was more than three years ago. it's almost all gone and he was feeling pretty nastalgic.

boot season - yay!

and then it snowed this friday. it was really more of a dusting, but it was still pretty exciting.

and that little storm made it wear-10-layers-inside-and-out season. b, unasked, let me know that i looked like "a homeless old woman" when wearing this outfit. if rocking leggings, high socks, rain boots and a knee-length puffy jacket is wrong, i don't want to be right.

it's supposed to warm back up today - here's to a beautiful fall week!

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