instagrams on a friday!

postcard from my grandma. i love this. we always send her postcards from our travels: china, seattle, denver, etc. ohio represent!

our airport. it looks like a carnival, but it's one of the few to offer free wifi, so i dig it.

up close with a curious giraffe at the denver zoo.

pumpkin bread made by the wonderful b.

brunch at duo with ashley!

a gigantic cinnamon roll from the denver biscuit company.

ummm, can you believe this photo? hashtag no filter! this is the beautiful sunrise view i see every morning. it's not always this pink.

a week of weird weather, including rain.

and, this was just yesterday: four inches of snow! with how warm its been - 80 on tuesday! - it didn't stick at all. supposed to be a snowy morning today, though.

wishing you all a wintery weekend!*

*just kidding - i'm not THAT into the snow yet.

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