this weekend we had our second visitor: brandon! instead of a fully-planned weekend, like we did with courtney, we decided to focus on one thing for b's visit: beer.

that landed us in fort collins for a day of brewery visits. first stop, the aptly named: fort collins brewery. the guys loved the presentation of the tasters and the service was really great.

on to a bigger name: odell's. we sat outside and enjoyed the 75-and-sunny day.
us! i included just because my hair looks pretty long, which, after my veg stint last year, i thought may never happen.

next up was new belgium. fat tire is my drink of choice in colorado, so i had to have a bit.

thank you to the random lady who let us do a photoshoot while b was in the bathroom.

coopersmith's was on the list for food purposes, but since we had already eaten at the pickle barrel, the guys did a tasting. i tried a sip of the punjabi and it was by far my favorite beer of the day.

from there, the wonderful designated drive {that'd be me} took us 20-minutes back toward denver to left hand brewery. by this point, it was about 8 p.m. and the guys had been at it since 11. but, they weren't too rowdy, and left hand ended up being a favorite of the tour.

b and b at the end of a long, beerful day.

we're so happy you visited brandon! we'll see b again {and mosby!} in just two weeks in nashville. counting down the days!

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