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in this era of pinterest dreams and facebook comparisons - combined with a perfectionist personality - i've spent the last couple of months doing a whole lot of worrying. from small things that aren't important {what will my something blue be?!} to big ones, like budget, i've been up at night thinking about all that could go wrong. and don't get me started on the actual "becoming someone's wife" part of getting married. yikes!

i think there's a lot that goes into wedding planning that you won't find on anyone's inspiration boards. thus, my month-long blogging break. but, there have been some amazing things happening, too.

get ready for some wedding wednesday goodness coming your way!

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  1. Repeat after me: it will all work out, it will all work out, it will all work out. :)

    Girl you are marrying an AMAZING man. Rejoice! Cause worrying is for the birds!