so, i've joked about today's ww topic a couple of times: the wedding diet. dun dun dunnnn.

since we started dating in 2009, we have put on a collective 62 pounds. woof! that is the size of a large child. i can appreciate a fat arm, but not on my wedding day. {that is an inside joke, but also a true statement.}

back in '09 i was training for the half marathon, so, of course, running more and i also don't cook - as evidenced in monday's post - so i was eating snacks for every dinner.

so, future dinners should look a little more like this. photo starring the gorgeous crate & barrel wicker plate tray from b's aunt lisa and uncle rhodes! 

combined with free gym access at work, hopefully we can see some results even before our photo shoot in september. less than two months to go!


  1. I'm starting one too. I need to slim down, definitely. When I tried on dresses, I felt so...plump. Good luck on your diet...and wish me luck on mine!

  2. Leave it to Aunt Lisa to send a cool gift like that. The salad looks delish, and I think you both look fabulous. I never noticed any fat arms at camp, FYI. xoxo, Cousin Shelly

    ps- I weighed Betty this week. 48 lbs.

  3. haha shelly! we need to call you soon about australia recommendations :)