the professional photos from tricia's wedding are in! all these images are courtesy of mak rabbitt photography.

this shot taken of all the ladies by the wonderful sara of the mak rabbitt team as we got ready.

sob. fest. tricia and her dad heading down the aisle.

i am off to the left weeping. rich had the tears going, too. i love that. every wedding we've been to in the last year or so has featured a crying groom, and i would bet money on the success of each of those marriages. {b: are you reading? i anticipate tears from you at the end of the alter!}

the colors! the vineyard! the bouquet! the cuteness! i love this photo.

keith and i dancing in. unfortunately, this was not the last of my boogie skills the crowd would get to see.

ring shot. gorg.

we'll be able to recreate this photo at our wedding in a year! {!!!!!}

i am still thrilled that i got to be a part of this awesome celebration of love. i think the stress of a wedding can either bring people together or tear them apart and i am happy to say that tricia and i haven't been this bff since high school. it helps that she was the most laid-back bride ever. congrats again tricia and rich! wishing you a million more months of happiness.

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