on friday, we did a 5k that raised funds for kids who need basic necessities, like underwear. it was approximately 100 degrees at 6 p.m. but, look at that view from city park.

and, we're off! and sweating.

a mid-race shot.

have you ever seen a sky so beautiful? it's definitely one of my favorite things about denver.

can't stop/won't stop with the ring pose. this is obviously post race, as evidenced by the pink shade of my skin.

afterwards, we got free entrance to the zoo!

this seal was ready for his close up.

scary monkey looking down on us.

and a cheetah, smiling! she was totally ready for a belly rub. 

we also got to see the elephants {in their new habitat, so nice!}, rhinos and a ton of wild peacocks. from the zoo tour to the free champagne, this is one 5k we will definitely do again!

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