what a whirlwind few weeks this has been, and will continue to be. i still can't believe my best friend is married! i'll have photos of the actual wedding later this week - forgive me for slow posting, we are also moving over the next couple of days!

on friday, i flew into cleveland to kick off wedding weekend. getting in early gave me the chance to hang out with my sister and do some of my favorite ohio things. such as, eat fox's pizza, drive through my hometown and watch sunsets like this.

i also got to have a pet fest with this girl!

and have dinner with grandma at the chicken house, which i haven't been to in six years. it was as good as i remembered.

then, it was time for the festivities. one of the best parts of the weekend was getting to see tricia's family and just hang out at their house like we were back in high school. we got ready for the rehearsal dinner in her bathroom, like we had done for dances and cheerleading almost a decade ago. it was very surreal.

i mean, i'm not going to say this is my #1 photo from the entire extravaganza, but it is a pretty good preview for what's to come.


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