{from our hike in boulder. i'm sure there will be many more similar shots this summer.}

i made a nashville bucket list last july, and we did almost none of it. pitiful! but, that won't keep me from giving it another shot. i feel like the weekends sneak up on us, and most of the time i don't want to do anything but veg on the couch. however, it's a new city and we need to live it up! so, here are some of the things we {yep, b added his favs, too! hint: they involve alcohol.} want to do this summer:

- see a rockies game.
- go view the ysl exhibit at the denver art museum. we tried to go a few weeks ago and it was sold out that day, but we're going to give it another shot. we did this yesterday. post coming soon!
- walk the royal gorge suspension bridge.
- complete two 5ks! we are already registered for the set the pace 5k {which is in two weeks - yikes!} and the drop your drawers and run wild 5k {no, i did not make that up}.
- go to the dancing pines distillery.
- stand beside tricia when she gets married! well, that's just me, but b officially has a plane ticket and will be there too. if anyone has maid-of-honor speech advice, i'd love to hear it.
- hang out at jazz in the park. hat tip to anna for informing me of this apparently awesome sunday evening happening. 
- check out red rocks. maybe even go to a concert? i just found out sawyer brown played there last week, which i somehow never heard about until it was too late.
- buy a pair of hiking boots. and hit the trails, of course!
- take a weekend trip to strawberry park hot springs.
- watch all of the olympics! i can feel the tears coming on already.
- drive "america's highest paved automobile road" mount evans! doesn't that sound cool?! it's 14,200 feet at the summit and is only an hour outside of denver.
- tour great divide brewery.
- go to camp. camp has quickly become a love of my life. i am so thankful that we get to spend a few days there this year.
- M-O-V-E! i cannot say enough how glad i am to be moving this month! hopefully this helps you understand the level of my joy: !!!!!

with all this on the agenda, i am really looking forward to the next few months! what do you have planned for this summer?

p.s. this is my 200th post! woot. 


  1. This is so much fun! A fun summer, for sure!

  2. @anna: yes! looking forward to it. we're going to try to do mt. evans this weekend - woot!

    @justrealhappy: do itttt. i can't wait to see what's on your list!