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two fires are raging through colorado right now. it feels like we've seen every type of weather since moving to denver - from feet of snow to rare rain storms to one of the hottest months on record. and now, a more common occurrence here: wild fires.

i was in nashville when the flood happened. it felt like national news didn't cover what was, for us, a tremendous disaster. it seems like that with these fires, too. we couldn't see the mountains when we flew in from ohio on monday morning because the smoke had spread a haze over the sky. upon making that comment, the man next to me asked me what i was talking about. he was flying into denver and hadn't even heard there was a fire.

i guess these awful things don't seem real unless you've been to the place they happen. i was a regular in bellevue, where people died in may 2010. and i've stood on the mountains where people are losing their homes.

if you have time, send a prayer out west.

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