memorial day weekend was amazing. more photos coming via the phone later this week, but i did manage to take the big camera on one outing: a hike at roxborough state park.

b was especially interested in these cacti. pretty, right?

wildlife! we had heard that this trail was a good place to see animals {including mountain lions, which, not so much on our agenda...}, but this butterfly was the coolest thing we saw on the actual hike.

 the view from the top. {of the world. it feels like that right?!}

looking the opposite direction. see the red rocks?

and the stunner: a look over downtown denver. do you see the skyscrapers?

and, on our way out, we got a show: three baby boy deer. outside the park limits, just hanging out on the side of the road.

and, the view our moms were waiting for: us! such a happy weekend - hope yours was just as great!

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