gift box from tricia! so sweet. she knew i had cut back since moving to denver, and knows my love for magazines. {okay, and wine!}

a beautiful - and unique - arrangement from shari for my birthday! the vase is like a concrete brick, very cool.

d.p. dough, an athens favorite, available in denver. b was excited, to say the least.

the sky out here is unlike anything i've ever seen. this was our view on the way out to thornton for dinner with friends michelle and art. on the other side of the mountains it was a purple color. it later ended up storming like crazy - VERY rare out here.

dessert made by art. yum.

and the tiny blip of a view we got at the super moon. that storm brought in unusual cloud cover and we all but missed the big event. just heard on the evening news that it'll be this big again in 2029. i am marking my calendar right now.

after great weekends, the sunday sads are worse than usual. here's hoping for an amazing {birthday!} week!

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  1. Yay birthday girl! I owe you an email. Hope you're having the awesome week you deserve!