i've got the itch.

{with my girl theresa right around the block from the chinese theater} 

this news story means it has been a YEAR since i was in LA for the biggest loser finale. look at all the crazy stuff that has changed since then! i don't live in nash anymore, my hair is super short {sniff, sniff} and my friend hannah is now a celebrity.

i looked through the photos again - and sent a particularly funny one to the group of friends i went with - and it has given me the itch to plan a vacation. unfortunately, i think moving across country probably counts for 2012.

plus, i'll be back in ohio in june for tricia's wedding and then we are praying that we can go to camp this year. my friend shari will be having her aunt contact the monks in nepal {no, really}, but you can send a wish up for us, too. 

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