the last pdub, or gratuitous photos of the cat.

the week before we moved we planned a final pdub celebration. it was a tradition that started in november 2008, when i first reunited with courtney and met brandon, and we decided to watch "the office" {how old school!}, order pizza and drink wine.

attendees have come and gone, we've moved more than once and we now make our own pizza, but it's still pdub.

vickie wasn't home yet. so i get a, "take an artsy shot of this - like vickie would!"

baker returning a plate of courtney's that he may or may not have had for... three years? c had not forgotten.

drinking and cooking at the same time is a recipe for success.

anyone else want to sing "friends forever" by vitamin c with me right now? 

look who made it! and no, i didn't encourage that face. i doubt anyone has had to encourage v to "make a crazy face!"

and pizza was made!

and wine was drank. 

and cats were pet.

it was a successful pdub.

this post makes me laugh and cry at the same time. i really miss my friends.

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