so, you may have heard: we got some snow.

that hasn't stopped us from getting out and about.

because we l-o-v-e our neighborhood.

we even walked five miles round trip for some asian food. {more on that later}

i had to buy a puffy jacket because it is so cold. and, let's be honest, my jcrew peacoat was not exactly made for roughing it.

oh, and we're both still unemployed at the moment.

so we do things like make nutella ice cream.

in the middle of the day.

during a snow storm.

blame it on the high altitude.

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  1. Whispering prayers for you during your transition. It looks like things are going well. I'm somewhat jealous of all the snow. It's just cold here. I have a really bad case of spring fever. So, I'm a fickle pickle right now. Anyway, take care dear friend. Blessings, Anna