last of nash: turnip truck.

this is the first in a series of posts aout things i did right before i left nashville. i actually had this one all written, but then was busy piling our stuff out by the trash can that wouldn't fit in the uhaul. {which our neighbor ended up taking most of! #environmental} all of the below still rings true. especially the part about missing ben and needing a denver bff. applications now available.

i LOVE the turnip truck.

they have a salad bar {score! since when did salad bars go the way of the dinosaur?}, a hot bar, a soup bar, a deli, and the best zucchini bread i have ever had.

plus, they are also a healthy/hipster/all-natural store!

i always eat off the veg side, even when i wasn't a vegetarian, because they make delish veggies. also, that eggplant parm was killer.

full disclosure: turnip truck was the one and only time i've ever eaten brussels sprouts. sick. so i knew that if my beloved turnip truck couldn't make me like them i really hated them.

ben is also always about the veg at tt.

awe, my friend ben. SO sad to see our regular lunches come to an end. and, he's never lived in denver so i have no idea where i'll get all my food recommendations from.

anyone in denver looking for a best friend? i'm totally available.

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