hot pot.

can you see me there? with my amazing camera?

last week, vickie invited us over to have hot pot. i just wiki'd that and they called it "chinese fondue"! which i think is a really cute name. we had hot pot in china and it was one of our favorite {of many} culinary experiences. you basically get a mini fondue pot at your seat and cook various foods, typically meat, noodles, vegetables. so fun, so delicious.
v! the only one would would let me practice with my new camera. this is actually a norm face she makes in front of the camera, so i don't think she'll mind that i'm sharing.

hot pot ingredients.

the hot pot! we used a shared pot and then mixed our own spice blend in individual bowls. lots of tofu and veggies for me.

obligatory cat photo.

so lucky to have such great friends. {who also happen to be talented cooks.}

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