i'm home, i'm home!

no offense to my partner in the backseat, but 10+ hours one way made me a little stir crazy.

a look through the bridge at foggy cincinnati, homeland of many of my best friends. and delish skyline dip, which will be one of the first things i eat if/when i cross back into meat eating.

my hometown.

my sister! my favorite part of ohio.

buehler's holds SO many childhood memories. everytime i go home, a maple creamstick is on the must-have list. there's something about a small-town grocery store that gets me every time.

my bff tricia. who moments after this photo was taken asked me to be her maid of honor. i cried, she bought her dress, i got to say, "are you saying yes to this dress?", and i cried some more. so honored and excited!

and the best of the truly awful family photos we attempted to take. a horrified cat, blinkers, non-smilers (side eye at you, dad), dog sniffing, mom hiding.

awkward family photos: what the holidays are all about.

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