currently craving: a veg thanksgiving.

{via vegetarian times, which i have a subscription to!}

 {via one of my fav food blogs, peas and thank you.}

{via daily garnish, another great blog.}

so, this will be my first thanksgiving as a vegetarian. last year, i gave up meat in october and up until the day before the big holiday. i was commuting up with my parents to ohio and we stopped for dinner at quiznos. {which, sidebar, i think has all but gone defunct.} i was so excited to eat a sandwich with meat and ordered my usual turkey sammy. upon eating, i felt totally fine, but couldn't shake the "meh" feeling. like, maybe i hadn't missed meat that much after all. and that's the first time i thought that i could maybe do the veg thing for real.

so, here we go. i think i'll miss the turkey, but it's worth it to me.

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