rosepepper. or "how have i not blogged this yet?"

in the world, there are snobs. i'm referring to the particular breed of food snob. for example, if you told them your favorite food was... kraft macaroni and cheese. they would judge you.

i, clearly, am not one of these people.

but then again, my favorite food may or may not be kraft macaroni and cheese.

such people would probably be really offended when i say that rosepepper is one of my nashville top 3.

but, i don't care. because it is epic. epically good.

free chips and salsa. yumm.

and an enchilada and chimichanga.

ooohh soo muy bueno! vamanos, arriba and all the other words i know en espanol that mean 'let's all go to rosepepper now!'

so good it makes you speak spanish.

judge away, amigos.

1 comment:

  1. I looooove Rosepepper. Definitely one of my top three as well, amiga.

    Cheetos is my favorite food (at least right now). So, you could have it worse.