on the ocoee.

this weekend we'll be heading down to the ocoee river to white water raft! b and i have done it every summer since we've been together.

back in 09, literally less than two months after our "first date", i invited him along with a group of people to raft. luckily i caught the awkward-early-in-love trip on camera:

{i'm singing the song "memories" in my head right now}

then, last summer, we organized a trip with our regular crew. my shirt says "i <3 my boyfriend". he <3s when i wear it.

notice anything different? that's right, in photo two b is showing his teeth. literally from like age four on, he was a closed-mouth smiler. i reintroduced him to the permagrin and he has never looked back. 

i'll share photos from the trip when we get back {permagrins and all}.  

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