friday night.

b has been up since 6:30 making pizza dough for pdub tonight. #expectanotherpizzapost

while this isn't a pizza post, it's another i-love-my-neighborhood post.

i do, i LOVE my neighborhood. one of my favorite things is that we can walk to local hangouts. here's our view on our 3-block jaunt to the center of sylvan park.

this is how he really feels about all my photo taking for the blog.

our first time at mccabe's pub. i thought it was going to be a trendy sports bar, but it's more like... your grandpa's favorite hangout. either way, they had blue moon and an orange slice to go with it, so i had a good time.

then we hopped accross the street to cafe nonna. they were REALLY busy. they got us in at the bar, but i wouldn't recommend going without reservations. the service really was a downgrade from the first time we were there, but not so bad that it was a deal breaker.

and then we jogged home to burn all the deliciousness off.

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