little miss scatterbrain.

a totally appropriate name for me this week.

work has been really busy and i'm stressed about some projects that i need to dedicate more time to.

i forgot to email back my hbff {hi tricia!} for more than 10 days. hbff = home bff. as opposed to college bff, work bff and boyfriend bff. which i'd abbrev as cbff, wbff and bbff, respectively.

see, scatterbrained.

most importantly: b's parents are coming. TODAY. we've been frantically cleaning, buying flowers {it just makes a home look prettier, right?} and wiping down every baseboard in the house. normal getting-ready-for-guests procedure. no? just me?

i'm nervous, but excited about them coming. we have plans to do some very fun things, including items that are on my nashville bucket list! {that post is coming next week!}

wish me luck - happy friday!

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