celeb sighting

after being in nashville for almost 3 years, i have still never really had a celebrity sighting. i'll see them at shows, and i was front row at garth, and once i sat a table over from the governor of tennessee, but none of that is really cool.

until last night. i had just finished {spray} tanning downtown and whom is talking to the front desk, but kristin chenoweth. i was for sure it was her, and courtney confirmed for me this morning that she is in town.

{kristin chenoweth of "pushing daisies" and more recently, "glee"}

however, i didn't say anything. it would take someone i had a mega crush on to bother them in public. even taylor swift, i think i'd let her go on her way. what about you? would you call out a celebrity if you saw them? 

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