about me.

i love cheese. macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, cheese all the time.
nashville is a big city to me, even if sometimes it feels so small.
i'm a writer.
i totally believe in the power of meditation and positive thinking.
i am obsessed with dogs. okay, all animals. that's why i don't eat meat (even though i love it).
i constantly have a chapstick on hand. organic, clearly.
traveling is the best. my favs: new orleans, egypt, china.
i think my best skill is reading people and creating inclusive situations.
i am always analyzing/planning. in my head. all. the. time. sometimes on paper, too.

welcome to my blog, i'm glad you're here!


  1. I'm so jealous lady... I want to see Taylor! hehe maybe next year.

  2. it's a good show, you totally should. just added you to my reader, loving your blog, mariel!